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The Last Ship Starring Sting
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Princess of Wales Theatre

The Last Ship is a personal, powerful story of a community attempting to come to grips with societal and economic changes that will tear apart the very fabric that kept that community together. It is written from a very personal place by a son of that community - the acclaimed singer/songwriter Sting. How lucky and privileged are we in Toronto to actually have Sting star in his own show? When a sailor named Gideon Fletcher returns home after seventeen years at sea, tensions between past and future flare in both his family and his town. The local shipyard, around which the community has always revolved, is closing and no-one knows what will come next, only that a half-built ship towers over the terraces. With the engine fired and pistons in motion, picket lines are drawn as foreman Jackie White and his wife Peggy fight to hold their community together in the face of the gathering storm. Includes dinner at the Hot House Cafe following the performance at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Don't miss this Canadian premiere!

Depart: Cobourg: 10:45AM Port Hope: 11:00AM Bowmanville: 11:30AM Oshawa: 11:45AM Whitby: 12:00PM

Price: $250.00

Applicable taxes: Taxes Included

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